The main objective of this project is the integration of the processes of management, projects and production.

It will be implemented by NLS in Dielmar, a company that designs, produces and sells fashion products.

NLS has strengthened its Magento ecommerce offerings through achieving Magento Associate Partner status. As Magento updated its partner program, NLS is the first Magento partner in Portugal to achieve Associate Partner status.

NLS is also proud to announce that has the first two Magento certified professionals in Portugal as part of its team.

The interpretation centre of local identity of Arroches was inaugurated. It has the participation of NLS with various technological solutions.

Trying to meet the need of global marketing, NLS promotes and develops digital technology of arphii, allowing impacts in three dimensions:
  1. enables the communication of products for a niche market that exists in all countries;
  2. communicate totally new concepts or products where the introduction in different markets is facilitated by the absence of consumer habits;
  3. communicate designed products in the country of origin to be as universal as possible and to possess the best adaptation for multiple needs and incorporate a large number of possible specifications.
    These technologies are present in holographic systems, video mapping, augmented reality systems and immersive systems.