The Renewal Audit NLS Quality Management System, led by the audit team of Apcer, was successful according to the expectations of the Quality Council, with all employees involved deserving once again our CONGRATULATIONS.

This Certification allows greater visibility of the quality of the services we provide in the most distinct areas. NLS is committed in ensuring the satisfaction of its partners and customers, as well as involving all its employees. Ensuring a sustainable flow of information within the organization in a different and structured way, that is the clear and concise translation of our effectiveness.

Aware that we face a constant challenge in terms of social sustainability, NLS sponsors in partnership with the Association Internationale LOVINGKIDS animation actions in various hospitals. With this sponsorship, NLS streamlines moments of cheerfulness and hope and wellness, providing SMILES to children who are hospitalized.

The main objective of this project is the integration of the processes of management, projects and production.

It will be implemented by NLS in Farame, a company that develops, produces and sells metal products used in large scale distribution and logistics.

During the month of June NLS will be in Angola, in partnership with the Finacial company, presenting various holographic systems solutions.