Magento Extension — Facebook store and login

Domain where the extension will be used:


Allows putting a view of the store in Facebook

Allows the use of Facebook accounts to authenticate customers.

With this extension you can create a Facebook app through which the products can be viewed and bought from Facebook.

Customers or potentical customers can use their Facebook accounts to authenticate themselves in the Magento store.

Installation instructions

Unpack the TGZ archive e run the following script in mysql to create the table used by the extension in the database:

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS {nls_facebook_customer)} (
customer_id int(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL,
fb_id bigint(20) NOT NULL,
UNIQUE KEY FB_CUSTOMER (customer_id,fb_id)

ALTER TABLE nls_facebook_customer
ADD FOREIGN KEY ( `customer_id` ) REFERENCES customer_entity (
entity_id ) ON DELETE CASCADE ;

Important: in order to put the store in Facebook it is necessary that the Magento store is accessible by HTTPS.

Price: 50 € (euros)